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Ok, let’s look around; with the new era of rising social-media media popularity, the biggest challenge for every marketer is to reach the targeted market at the right time by effectively maintaining various social-platforms. But here we won’t talk much about the problems but we will talk about the best solution.

What if a single platform where all your social media pain-points like scheduling multiple posts which is in need to be posted at different time frames to get the best results can be done easily. Well, that would be just one thing; with SocialPilot, the ‘Gen-X’ marketer can connect to the whole world using various social media platform at any point of time and from any location with just one ‘Click’. It’s the one platform that makes your social-media presence ‘Go live’ in this digital era. I personally using this tool since long and this is the right time to share few important features I like the most in SocialPilot.


Powered advanced scheduling feature with unlimited Accounts

Now you can maintain multiple accounts of twitter, facebook, LinkedIn including their various pages from a single platform of SocialPilot. Any number of accounts using any number of social media profile, you name it and it can be handled from a single dashboard. You can now plan and schedule multiple posts that you want to release in future at multiple social media profiles from a single click.

connect social network

Previously, maintaining every single post that needed to be posted at different time frame needed individual attention which was a big drawback. SocialPilot helps you to overcome this issue by providing liberty to add multiple posts and add it to queue in advance. All you need to do is add the posts in the Queue and set the time you want to launch and rest assured the post will be hitting the social-platform at your desired time and date. So keeping the workability low and your productivity high this feature saves you tons of time by helping you schedule both individual and bulk post at a single go. It has never been this easy to share, engage and interact with multiple customer spread around the globe this fast and with this efficiency.


Content Discovery & 3rd Party Sharing

This one is my favorite feature which suggest you the trending articles to keep you informed about the most important happenings around the World. You can easily view, review and efficiently share those trending post with your multiple accounts without any fuss. Apart from this, there is an option to add ‘RSS Feed’ of your favorite blog or a website which allows you to automatically schedule the post from the subscribed website without even accessing your dashboard

zapier integration

Just to keep things more effective, SocialPilot also ofers offers ‘Zapier integration’ feature. It allows you to use bunch of Zapier applications by integrating your SocialPilot account with single click.


Promote Mobile Apps and stand out in the Jungle

There are millions of apps out there—how’s yours going to stand out? Here’s a one-stop shop with all your needs kept in mind to promote your app and to push in the market. ’SocialPilot’ keeps you ahead by helping you scheduling your app promotions in just few minutes. It replaces your mundane work of reposting promotional posts for each of your app with advanced app and Playstore integration system. Just enter your app store URL and SocialPilot will fetch all your apps to schedule with hand crafted posts and launch them at scientifically proven posting schedules which get the best attention.


Here’s how it helps

Easy Integration of your iOS App store and Google Play store accounts helps you in gathering valuable data and total functionality details of an app. All you have to do is share your App/Play store developer URLs. Once this is done ‘SocialPilot’ will fetch all the information that is required and it will wonderfully craft posts by inserting relevant #hash tags.


Then only the work pending is you to select the posts you want to schedule in your connected social media profiles from SocialPilot dashboard. With Socialpilot you can focus your entire campaign on getting more people to download your app and get their maximum engagement out of minimum work.



If you are an agency or an individual managing multiple social media accounts, you can publish right post at right time by using all these features offered by SocialPilot. So summing everything, SocialPilot can bring new approach of your Social media campaigns and your presence to the whole new next level.

4 thoughts on “SocialPilot- Emerging Social Media Automation Tool”

  1. I also use this tool to manage my social scheduling. This is awesome tool, the price and performance are good as well.
    I Would like to ask if you use free or premium..

  2. Hello Jatin, thanks for your this article. To be honest i never hear and use this . But by reading your this article i feel that i need to use for my own blog. I will start use this one. Keep sharing of your experience with Blogging

    Happy Blogging. Have a Good Week End

  3. Hi Tonmoy,

    Thanks for your comment.
    Give it a try and you will fall in love with it. I am using Premium and completely loving it.
    You can use it for blogging, facebook pages, marketing and much more.

    Don’t forget to share your experience back here.

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