SquadRun App Review: Get Paid To Play

SquadRun is India’s first mobile marketplace for on-demand mobile workforce. Headquartered out of Delhi, SquadRun is backed by some of the most respected people in industry that includes Rajan Anandan (Vice President & Managing Director of Google, South East Asia & India), Amit Ranjan (Founder, Slideshare), Deepinder Goyal (Founder, Zomato), Zishaan Hayath (Founder, Toppr) and India Internet Fund. SquadRun’s android application is a platform that connects businesses to a highly qualified workforce termed as agents.

How does SquadRun functions?

SquadRun has been quite effective in empowering college students, retired professionals, housewives, young professionals and also grey collar employees who can work from home or anywhere else through the SquadRun app can be a part of the qualified workforce. The SquadRun platform is a great source of secondary income with an average monthly payout ranging from INR 3,000 to INR 12,000.  One can do all this by simply using ones smart phones. Users essentially get a challenge in the form of a back office task that needs to be completed to earn a payout. The agents working for SquadRun are carefully selected basis their comprehension, communication skills and most importantly, after a thorough mapping of their skill-sets in sync with specific business requirements; thereby, making the hiring process heavily focused on amassing a team of highly qualified professionals on the job, driven by their interests and intent to generate additional income.

SquadRun Clients

SquadRun’s platform is being actively utilized by over 35 companies such as Snapdeal, Groupon Myntra, Craftsvilla, Flipkart, Times Internet, Shopclues.com and Yatra.com etc. These organisations are working with SquadRun to manage a variety of back‐end operations such as cataloging operations which include quality checks, tagging images, product categorization, product grouping along with data collection and moderating reviews.

How to use the application?

The application can be accessed by users after following some of the basic steps as mentioned below;

  • Get started to play: For logging on to the application, use your Facebook account and within no time you will be able to log on to your favorite application.


  • Select work: SquadRun is an application which is popular for meeting work needs of different people. Hence once you have logged on to the application, you can choose when to work and for whom to work. Different variety of work available in the application will be displayed for users to make a choice from.


  • Get paid for completed work: Once you have chosen the work of your interest, you will be compensated as soon you complete the job at hand. Your completed task should be as per guidelines of the mission assigned to you by different business houses.


  • Categorize Moderate, tag and rate: While you have made your choice of work, you might be asked to rate a specific product or tag two products with each other. For instance, you might be asked to tag clothes and a pair of shoes together. This pairing will be based on your own choice and assumption.


  • Verify information on behalf of business: To step ahead in your work, you may call the lead and gather information about their interest in the business. Well, the kind of conversation you are going to have with the lead totally depends on your communication skills and also your knowledge with respect to the company.


  • Instant payout: Once the assigned project is completed successfully, an immediate payment is discharged to the user through Paytm. Even other kind of wallets can be used for gaining payments after work.


Why should you download SquadRun?

SquadRun has come out successfully in empowering housewives, professionals and students who have been searching for ways of keeping themselves engaged and earning additional income. It has provided stable income to the users and all of it can be done with just a simple download of a mobile application. All users have to do is perform the highlighted tasks mentioned in the application; however it is important to complete the within the designated timeframe. Staying active and regular on the app can enable users to earn an average monthly income ranging from INR 3000 to INR 12000.

Final Words

With varied benefits available for both companies and users of this application, SqaudRun’s mobile application is a must download. While on one hand it is being used by companies to progress in their market, on the other hand users can get associated with the app to earn extra income and live a luxurious life.

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