5 Things Every Gamer Needs

Gaming is the ultimate experience. The advancing technology has added more twist to the games developed these days. The games have become graphically proficient and the gaming has become much more user-friendly. With more sophisticated environments to explore, the gamers always in search of some of the coolest gaming resources that can make playing games even better.  So, we have come up with a list of 5 must have things that every gamer needs.

New Gaming Computer

The modern day gaming technology is now becoming VR ready. The games have been embedded with artificial intelligence to bring a better user experience into play. To use such an awesome technology, you will definitely require a gaming computer that is sufficient in terms of hardware. Say no to anything below Core i5 processor.


And if you are a hardcore gamer, it is important to have the right idea of the GPU required by the games you play on your PC. A 2GB NVIDIA graphics card is sufficient for most of the games. If you own a good monitor then this GPU will deliver exceptional graphics on screen while you play the game.

Go for at least 4GB DDR3 RAM. To optimize the gaming performance, you can even choose 8GB DDR3 RAM. It would be more than sufficient for you. This should be the ideal components of the CPU of your gaming computer. Check this guide for a list of pre-made part lists .

Quality Monitor

So, if you are a hardcore gamer, you need to pick up the right monitor that suits your needs. The screen size, aspect ratio, and the resolution matters a lot. Also, go for an LED-screen if you are type of power-saving geek. The ideal screen size of the monitor will depend upon the type of games you play. A 20-inch screen is ideal for nearly every game.


The ideal screen resolution can be 1920x1080pixels (Full HD), but if you are a graphics lover then go with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160) screen, and if you want something in the middle then WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440) screen can turn out to be the best.

All the monitors come with LED backlighting these days. There are three major types of panels – TN, IPS/PLS, and VA panels. The TN panels have poor color accuracy and fast response time while the IPS panels have good color accuracy, but poor response time. The VA panels are somewhat in between and bests suited for the gamers.

Gaming Keyboard

If you really wish to get the best out of your gaming rig then you will need an awesome gaming keyboard. The mechanical keyboards with backlit are ideal for the hardcore gamers. Make sure that keyboard you buy should have macro keys to which you can assign certain functions in the game. The mechanical keyboards are little expensive than the membrane keyboards, but you will surely realize its worth after playing few action-packed games.


Gaming Mouse

If you are choosing a gaming mouse, make sure that you go with a wireless mouse. The avid gamers should go with a mouse having high DPI. The price is the secondary factor, but if you really want enhance the gaming experience, the mouse with extra buttons works fabulously well will every game. Do not forget to choose a mouse having lights.

Headset along a Mic


The headset is the necessity of every gamer and you cannot trust your audio system while playing the games. So, ditch that audio system and choose something interesting that can even help you to do multiplayer communications. Your headset should have a clear microphone for sake of your online teammates to have better communication with them. If you don’t wish to miss some extra peripherals then you can get a good headphone and a desktop microphone.

The Bottom Line

A fully-fledged gaming desktop with the right set of peripherals is the dream of every avid gamer. Above-mentioned was the coolest hardware a gamer should have to have an everlasting gaming experience. Definitely, if you choose to go with top level hardware gear, you can enhance your gaming experience and make it more thrilling. So, make sure that you choose all your peripherals wisely depending upon your gaming requirements.