Surprising Tips to Enhance Your Internet Security Like a Cyber Safety Expert

Internet Security and Its Usage:

Everyone is well aware of the extensive usage of the internet these days. The best source anyone can get for obtaining a piece of information is none other than the internet. It is fast, easy to use, and accessible to almost everyone. But while using the internet, people don’t care about the internet security, and often they came across the sites which contains harmful threats and wouldn’t able to notice that. There are security experts available to handle these problems but still shutting down all the harmful online activities is not easy to achieve. So we must learn how to protect our online usage so that no one can attack our systems while we are using the internet. Here are some of the best tips to stay protected while online.

1. Awareness of Phishing:

Now, some of the readers might have heard about phishing but probably don’t have an idea about it. In fact, I am pretty sure you may have engaged in phishing on the internet one time or the other. While checking your email, if you come across some suspicious emails in which you are not able to recognize the sender, don’t open it. There are scammers present on the internet who send these doubtful emails of winning the lottery or a ticket abroad, and when you click on it, they can get your credentials only by clicking. So don’t open these types of emails and always run your emails through an anti-virus program. I suggest you get Charter Spectrum Internet service because they offer free security suite which protects your online activities, and also they provide their services in Spectrum Internet Packages at a reasonable price.

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2. Safe and Secure Browsing:

Browsing safe is also an essential factor for the protection of your internet usage. One must always have an ad blocker and malware protection software, so that safe browsing is ensured at all times. Some internet services are available to help you protect your online usages like Verizon, Charter Spectrum, and Comcast Xfinity. Always go for the sites which have ‘’https’’ at the start of the link, because it ensures the security of the site and provides you with relevant content as compared to the sites with only ‘’HTTP”. While you are in your home or office, always use a VPN software, so your IP address stays hidden, and you browse the internet in incognito mode.

3. Strong and Complex Passwords:

Everyone knows in the case of security; passwords are the most sensitive case. People usually like to have passwords which are easy for them, but if it’s easy for you then it’s also easy for the hackers too. So always go for the strong and complicated passwords which are easy for you to remember but hard enough for anyone to even think about. Use a combination of upper and lower case letters, numeric keys, and some symbols too for the excellent security of your password. Also, one more thing, try to use different passwords for multiple accounts and avoid reusing your passwords because it will be easier for the hackers to guess it. Change your passwords after a period; it will help you to ensure the protection of your data.

4. Keep An Eye On Your Devices:

Always watch over your devices so it may not end up in someone else’s hands and then you have to suffer the consequences. Put strong passwords on your mobile phones, laptops, and computers so whenever someone wants to use it, it will be in your knowledge. Keep your critical files hidden and also try to encrypt them with any encryption software so it won’t be shown to anyone. Always keep your devices in your custody to prevent your personal information from being breached.

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5. Prevent Installation of Unauthorized Software:

Hundreds of software are spread over the internet, many of them are quite tempting, and you probably want to install these instantly. But think twice before installing it because there are a lot of them which contains harmful viruses and threats that can destroy your computer from the inside. Software usually comes in ‘’.exe’’ file extension, but if you find any online ‘’.exe’’ file don’t open it because it is possibly a virus. If you are working in a company, never install any outsource software without the concern of the IT department because any online threat can risk your company’s data.