Top 5 Gadgets for Blogging to make workload easy

Blogging is said to be an expression of hobby through the online media, though it is, but that was in the old, blogging grew to become a career where many people finds a place in it to make not just a living, but fortunes. Bloggers are now the big players of the day, one of the easiest online businesses to start up is blogging, and it can be run by a sole proprietor, but you may need to build a team as your blog grows. Blogs like Mashable, Hongkiat, Techcrunch, Techcular and started like a little baby by a single person, now they are becoming big players. Bloggers needs some Gadgets for Blogging to make the process easy.

Top 5 Gadgets for Blogging to make workload easy

Gadgets for Blogging that Bloggers cannot avoid


Netbook for Blogging

Our aim is that, you are starting very simple, let’s say you are a college student, and you have lack fund to buy an Apple iMac, you don’t need to waste time saving a thousand dollars in other to purchase a big and expensive PC for your blogging, there are some simple Gadgets for Blogging, a Netbook is good for you, it is equipped with the tools you need to create your content, all you need is to connect it to the internet and start blogging. Even if you are a big player and you have a fortune to purchase a big PC, sometimes you may want to cover an event and put it to live immediately; the Netbook is simple enough as one of the Gadgets for Blogging that you can take around to cover events. When you feel like taking a stroll to feel the breeze at the beach, you cannot move your Mac PC, it’s damn too bulky, and the Netbook is there for you, all you need is to ensure it runs on a very good battery.


Use Smartphone for Blogging

One of the most important Gadgets for Blogging bloggers cannot do without is a smartphone, if not a tablet, some smartphone are now been equipped with blogging apps, such as WordPress mobile called MobilePress, where you are able to attend to some things on your blog while you are on the move, let’s say, if you even find it difficult to create a content, you can simply respond to comments, reply emails, and share posts via your mobile phone, your blog is never idle, you are not on the PC, yet, work is going courtesy one of the simplest Gadgets for Blogging.

Gaming Console

Gaming Consolea

Jack becomes a dull boy whenever he works without playing, its not all about the hours you spent working, its about the result, honestly, blogging is a time consuming exercise, you need to have aa time to relax, a way of doing that is by playing game, the gaming console is one of the Gadgets for Blogging needed by bloggers, you encounter and solve challenges as well as having fun when playing games, it sharpens the brain. I also watch movies or go to the park as a way of relaxation though.

Wi-Fi Finder

Gadgets for Blogging

The internet is the backbone of blogger, even if you have the best computer set in the whole world, without the internet, you cannot blog, your platform, your audience, your advertisers and your money is all on the internet, the Wi-Fi finder is one of the gadgets for blogging that is so much important. It helps you link a Wi-Fi network easily.

External Storage Drive

Gadgets for Blogging

I still consider you as a low end blogger if this tool is not important to you as one of the gadgets for blogging, sometimes you may want to produce a video tutorial, video, graphics, occupy much space on disk and this may slow down your PC, the external drive could be used to store these files.

This is a list of important gadgets for blogging, bloggers needs them to have a stress free blogging experience and record success.