Top Five Augmented Reality companies in India

Augmented Reality is dubbed to be the next ‘smartphone’ of the digital world. It has several potential applications which can change the way we interact with our devices and the physical world. And that wave is catching on rapidly.

But what is AR? Augmented Reality adds a layer of enhanced digital information on the real world which can be interacted with the help of a digital device. AR can be used for medicinal, educational, engineering, e-commerce, tourism, gaming and many more such fields.

As one of the world’s fastest developing countries, India has already joined the AR race to prove its mettle. And with the AR enabled game Pokémon GO being a huge hit in India, the country looks ready for the next big change. Several start-ups across the country have already started developing and testing this technology in the open market.

Here is the list of top five AR companies in India –

Augmented Reality companies in India
Top 5 Augmented Reality companies in India
  1. iBoson Innovations: Short for Innovative Brilliant Optimistic Strategic Organized Neoteric, this emerging start-up is from the southern part of India and has won the highly merited India Hackathon on multiple occasions.

Their trademark AR product – UniteAR has already received accolades from all over the country and is deemed to be the next big thing in the advertising and retail world in the Southern end of the subcontinent.


  1. Imaginate – Another leader in the AR, VR and MR industry, Imaginate was started 10 years back in Hyderabad by Hemanth Satyanarayana, and alumni of IIT Madras. The company focuses on technological innovations to provide its clients with AR related solutions as per their needs.
  1. AugRay – Started in 2014, AugRay is a US based AR start-up which aims to provide unique solutions to their client base in retail, real estate, gaming and marketing industries. Their Augmented Reality enabled application TaDa time lets you create your personalized avatars and adds them to your real world, making expression more fun and interactive. Another notable invention of there is the NUBE (AR Cube) which provides a rewarding and fun gaming experience to its consumers.
  1. Yeppar – It is one of the hottest AR start-up company based in India providing AR solutions across the globe. Their services range from Print Media to the Automobile industry. Their training program Industry 4.0 is a revolutionary way in which automobile and manufacturing industry professionals can train or educate their workforces.
  1. HashMedia – Another leading company in the line of these prestigious start-ups, HashMedia has come up with an augmented reality app called “Virtual Mirror”. This app uses your phone’s camera or a webcam allowing users to try out any apparel or flaunt an accessory without actually putting them on physically.