Top 5 growing startups in India

Today i will list down the Top 5 growing startups in India according to me.
Here are the Top 5 growing startups in India:

1. Paytm

paytmVijay Shekhar Sharma is the founder of Paytm. What more do you need if you have Alibaba (Jack Ma – Founder) supporting you! Backed by the e-tailing giant, Paytm has expanded in the blink of an eye from an online recharge portal to an ambitions online marketplace.

2. has made quite a space and name for itself in the real estate market through frequent advertising. The CEO fiasco that it experienced recently could not mar the value it creates and their plans to tap into global real estate business have given faith to investors who clearly see a lot of muscle in the company’s claims.

3. Zomato

Zomato is undeniably the no. 1 in this category. It is the top of the host of food tech startups India has seen. It has acted very nimbly with international expansion plans and deciding to lock horns with Their venture into food ordering and transportation has ensured its position in the food-tech space remain at the top. Ravi Gururaj, who is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, however included Zomato in number six position in his list. Because of him, “Zomato is still the king of the hill among food tech startups.” Adds Pranav Suresh of Startup Village, “I chose Zomato in my top 10 list for the international expansion and the way it has covered cities one after the other and how it integrated into food ordering after starting with menus.” Vikram Upadhayaya of GHV Accelerator says, “Zomato is the leader in the food-tech space with asset-light model that has grown global.” The testimonials are many but their work talk the loudest.


4. Ola

The online taxi aggregator Ola has given Uber a run for its money. It is quite clear as to who gets the biggest pie of the Indian market. This Mumbai-based startup has expanded and improved exponentially since it acquired rival TaxiForSure for $200 million.

5. RedBus

RedBus has made a mark on the minds of the consumers mostly because of its targeted marketing campaigns and differentiation. Although it has now been sold off to the Ibibo group for a whopping $138 Million, it is still a frontrunner in bus aggregator. Sunil K Goyal of Yournest Angel who has some insight in these matters has nominated RedBus right at the top in his list. This is because this particular startup the regency factor working in its favor in the consumer domain. The startups that have made a mark on consumer minds are either because of aggressive innovative marketing or with their novelty factor. They have managed to differentiate amazingly well with very minimal funding in their initial years.


Final Words

A few other start-ups worth mentioning are Zivame which caters to a very niche market of selling lingerie, FreshDesk – SaaS champion, Snapdeal providing amazing deals 24×7 and for achieving so much scope and scale at such short time, Practo which has in many expert’s opinion have achieved cult brand status is also category leaders and last but not the least is BookMyShow aggregator of all things entertainment in a highly fragmented market. These are top 5 startups according to me, i hope you agree too.