Trendy and Cool Mobiles We always Wanted to Own as Kids!

Growing up in the 90’s was fun in its own way. By the time most of us were nearing our teenage years, technological advancement had started taking place and we longed to own a cellphone only to be told off by our parents we’re too young for it and what would we do with one anyways. It’s funny now, because kids these days get the latest phones at the drop of a hat while we had to wait and beg to at least get out of high school first to qualify to own a phone. While we had to wait for phones, youngsters these days can just use paytm coupons to get access to great deals to get their hands on the latest models of smartphones.

However, a little daydreaming never hurt anyone. Here are a few mobile phones as kids and teenagers we wanted more than anything:

Nokia 1100

This phone needs no introduction as it was popularly known as the “torch phone” which made it the most attractive feature of this phone. The phone gave amazing battery life and was rock solid-no many how many times you dropped it, it wouldn’t develop a single scratch. This might be the first phone most of us owned as youngsters and boy did we want it bad!

nokia 1100

Nokia N-gage

This seemed like one of the coolest gadgets we could have owned back in the day which could leave behind even today’s Play Stations behind. It was a phone meant for gaming which was quite new back in the day when the only games one could play on the phone was Snakes. The phone may have been an overall failure, but it surely captured the minds and imagination of a lot of youngsters in its hay days!


Motorola Razr V3

This phone had instant fans thanks to the fact that it made the flip phones look cool. It had a second smaller screen on top of the flip and all one wanted to do was flip the phone to answer it in style in front of friends. The Motorola phones were widely advertised in movies like Don which made even more desirable. Childhood fantasies were so innocent! Motorola has come a long way too and you can find trendy phones such as the Moto G using amazon coupons to get great deals without having to wait the way you used to as a child.

motorola razr

Black Berry 7210

Black Berry had just started expanding its user base in India and the jingle Black Berry Boys still brings a happy smile on one’s face. The Black Berry 7210 was another phone most of us wanted to own given its cool look and a full fledged QWERTY keyboard that made it look so impressive. It was hard not to drool over this pretty phone!

htc universal

HTC Universal

This phone came out a decade ago but was the ultimate dream for the youth back in the day. The phone came with a beautiful 3.7 inch LCD screen but what really got this phone its hype was the fact that this was like a Pocket PC which was the ultimate style quotient as most people had just started owning personal computers. It was also the first 3G enabled phone as well as the first phone to come with Windows Mobile 5.0 preinstalled with it. Ah- the good old days!

blackberry 7210

These phones would surely make most of us nostalgic as owning a phone in the family was considered a big deal and those who got to own a phone themselves were really considered the coolest kids on the block! Which phones did you drool over in your growing up years?