Best Youtube Vanced Alternatives Android Apps in 2022

As we know recently, the youtube Vanced project is discontinued due to legal reasons, as per Vanced Devs. Therefore, Millions of users are now looking for the best youtube Vanced alternatives android apps to download. 

Here I have prepared a list of the top and most popular apps that can be used as the place of Youtube Vanced in 2022. We know you guys love YT Vanced, but there is no option to switch to a better alternate, at least at present. Before you start reading this list, I must request you share such articles with your loved ones if you find them worthy of spreading. Let’s drive,

Best Youtube Vanced Alternatives Android apps in 2022


Youtube Premium

One of the best youtube vanced alternatives android apps. Wait, Are you kidding? Well, you are reading right and your eyes are accurate, I wrote youtube premium. As we know youtube has a premium subscription plan that offers you ads-free videos, music, background play all the essential stuff that you are looking to enjoy. But here is a twist, you need to pay a few bucks to use their services and that’s the right way as well. 

Google handles all the stuff and spends millions for developing and offering such quality services, that’s why we always recommend using legal and uncracked pieces of software/apps to support devs.

Yt premium subscription starts at $11.99/month or $119.99/year. Also, you can get a free trial or pay less by opting for an annual, student, or family plan.


One of the most popular and perfect youtube vanced alternatives android apps. NewPipe exists for years and has never faded away as well, we know Vanced has a large fan base but this is something that you must install today. 


NewPipe app offers many features and options such as ad-blocking, background playback, picture-in-picture, video downloading, and more. Also, one of the big advantages is this app takes care of your privacy as well. You do not need to share your Google account data with them, you can also download any music and videos files directly. 

Still, waiting, but for what? 

You can download the NewPipe app from their official website:


After the NewPipe app, Skytube is one of the best alternatives to the youtube Vanced app in 2022. Skytube is almost similar to youtube advanced but has some limited features. You can browse ads-free videos, download content, background play, and more. But in skyTube you can’t log in with your Google account to manage your subscriptions and channels. 


Besides Skytube offer another app with the name of Skytube extra which gives you access to closed libraries and supports the official YouTube player and casting. You can download the official app from


LibreTube is also one of the best similar apps to the youtube Vanced android app to download in 2022. This app is currently in the beta process and is only available to download through Github. 


LibreTube Android App is slightly different from other alternates if Youtube Vanced apps, it uses the youtube frontend website which means that the app does not connect directly to youtube but there will be a connection b/w user and google. Also, you can create an account on this app and subscribe and manage your favorite channels from youtube. 

You can download Libretube from here:

Wrapping it Up!

So guys how was the reading of the “Best Youtube Vanced Alternatives Android app in 2022”. I hope you find it interesting and useful to grab some similar apps to Youtube Vanced. Above I mentioned a few of them are like Youtube Premium, NewPipe, LibreTube, etc. 

Personally, We suggest you must support the Devs and take a subscription to the original app. But still, you want a free alternate of Youtube Vanced then you can try other mentioned android apps above. The choice is yours, but there is no choice when it comes to sharing our article. Do share articles on your social handles and must out your thoughts in the below comment section. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Youtube Vanced.

Is Youtube Vanced Banned? 

On March 13, 2022, The official Devs of the Youtube Vanced app are announced to discontinue this project due to legal reasons. So we can not say it is banned but in the future, you will not get any updates of Youtube Vanced. 

Best Youtube Vanced Alternatives in 2020?

We have many gems in the market to give competition to the Youtube Vanced. A few of them are NewPipe, LibreTube, etc. You must read our full list to know which one is the best to alternate from Youtube Vanced.

Is NewPipe is Safe to use? 

There is no guarantee of modified and cracked apps in terms of usage. But you can limit the risk by knowing which permissions the app is taking and what you are allowed to do. So, it is totally up to you.