Can blogs be used to make money?

A means to express

The thing which attracts most people to the field of blogging is the fact that it provides an excellent medium to make sure that the world listens to what you say. It gives you a mode to express yourself and explain your stand to the world. The blogs are directed to spread a message to mass of people. This is not an easy field and a lot of time is consumed. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication and since it is so time consuming it is natural to wonder if all your efforts are truly paid off. You get your message across but do you really get anything in return. This feeling can be eradicated if you use your blog wisely as then you will be able to get two benefits, one is that you will get the satisfaction that you have conveyed your message to the masses and the next thing is that you can make money in the process.

Blogging for Money?

Make your blog profitable

You can use your blog to make money so that your hard work and time is well invested. There are number of ways form which this can be achieved.

The first choice that you have is to place ads on your blog. This can be done by getting yourself registered with Google Ad sense. Google ad sense provides you ads according to your content; however they have some very strict criteria before they agree to let yourself get registered. To get their approval your blog must be of high standard. There can be no broken links, your content should be top notch and your blog must be receiving substantial amount of traffic. If your blog fulfills these criteria, Google ad sense can prove to be very profitable for you. There are other options available as well where the conditions are not as strict including Text link ads, Adbrite, Kontera etc.

Another option that you have is that you can affiliate your blog with some prominent sites such as Amazon, link share, eBay affiliates. This is an excellent way to make money.

If your blog is well established and has managed to gain popularity you can also go for paid posting wherein you offer other bloggers a chance to submit their works.

There is also the option of affiliating yourself with a particular merchandise where in there are links available in your blog for their site.

Can blogs be used to make money?

Greediness can be deadly

You need to remember that you can only make money from your blog if you have a substantial amount of traffic; otherwise the whole exercise is futile. Thus it is essential that you do not lose focus. Take the money as an added advantage and do not make it the purpose of your blogging. Be very wise in this endeavor. Do not stuff your blog with advertisements as this will be very distasteful for the readers and they will be annoyed. You will get the profit you deserve only if your blog does not suffer in the process.