IM Creator vs. SquareSpace – a comparison review

Geocities and Tripod, has given to a new lineage of modern browser-based design tools, like IM Creator and SquareSpace. These two designing tools have managed to change the face of the designing world and facilitated the formation of many image-rich and stunning websites, within a short duration.


More about IM Creator

IM Creator helps us to build a professional and lean website quickly. It offers best assistance for users to learn and design a website that is packed with useful material, and has the quality to be launched online.

IM vs Squarespace


Best things about IM Creator

IM Creator provides a library of responsive templates for different categories. One can easily modify these templates according to category choice and preference. Modifying and adding elements like galleries, slideshows, images, texts, contact forms, You-Tube videos, drag-and-drop options, makes it even more special. Thus, user can easily build something that will satisfy their imagination quotient.


How different is SquareSpace from IM Creator?

SquareSpace is quite a next generation web tool, designed to capture the future of web operations and its multi-faceted uses. With its user friendly interface, it offers great scope for site hosting. Proving enough freedom to create quality content, this tool also helps in controlling the functionality and support of the website. The problem with this is that SquareSpace has some critical in-built features, which makes operation difficult at times. But, there is also a Website management button, which ensures that one can surely access all the different levels of site management. The Visitor tracker provided in it helps in tracking the top websites and the top comments. It also helps in locating the common keywords used in locating the site.

Square Space

Hosting is also a part of the service provided by SquareSpace. But, in doing so, a lot of expenses are required to be incurred every month, in order to maintain the website. Also, one does not require worrying about managing content management system software. It also takes care of updating and adding to the product offering. Therefore, one only requires taking care about creating the website. WYSIWYG is quite a rich text editor, that is provided, that offers all the basic formatting techniques. These techniques can be found in word processing applications like Microsoft Word.

Therefore, both IM Creator and SquareSpace have their share of pros and cons and they can be used according to the comfort level of the user.