Hide My IP Review: Access Blocked Websites and Enjoy Private Web Surfing

Currently, there are many VPNs in the market but obviously some are better than others. One of those is the Hide My IP service which one of the most reliable VPN services available right now. It gives you the chance to surf anonymously on the internet, blocking out hackers trying to breach in your system to extract your personal information and identity, send you spam and anonymous emails and encrypting your internet traffic to make your internet slow. Hide My IP VPN is available for Windows, Mac and Android operating systems and is very easy to use and provides a clean interface. Use it with your favorite browser and behold all the outstanding features it has in store for you.

hide my ip

Reasons to choose Hide My IP VPN

  • Accessing internet on public places like airports, malls, coffe shops makes you vulnerable to various online threats like Hacker attacks and Data sniffers since wi-fi at these places are unsecured but Hide My IP protects you from these threats by anonymizing your IP, making your internet access secure and hassle free.
  • This VPN hides your IP, thus in effect, hides your identity from the prying eyes of numerous hackers around the globe. Also get past from region restrictions and access websites like Netflix and Youtube, if banned on your network.
  • Hide My IP also provides a free trial of their services, unlike many VPN providers who charge a premium just to test out their services.
  • Bypass firewalls and get to choose your IP from thousands of available servers from around the world. Choose your virtual IP address from 71 different locations like London, Paris, Las Vegas, Parkton, Hong kong, Singapore and many more servers spanning the continents.
  • In the windows edition of Hide My IP, users may also choose which applications they want associated with the virual IP(e.g. you web browser). This option is missing from most of the other VPn providers as they force the users to hide all their programs though their VPN.


Hide My IP is compatible with all types of routers and networks. Just get a license key and start using it.


Protect yourself from Information Extraction(IX)

Some ISPs keep a track of their users’ activities on the net and spy on them. Protect yourself from such malicious activities, keeping your browsing activities private by using Hide My IP which, though advanced optimized server protects you.


Work with HTTPs and SSL

Some fake IPs are present that work with SSL but with Hide My IP you can veryeasily find them without much efforts from your side by just changing the IP address till you get that fake one which will open the websites in SSL mode.



Get the one time license for this astounding VPN for $29.95 for WIndows or Mac and $2.95 -$29.95 on android platform. As opposed to other VPN providers which charge you monthly or yearly for their plans, Hide My IP provides a one time pay only lifetime service.


User support

You can get instant technical support if you face any problems using this program, and all solutions for your queries with 24×7 active customer support ready to help yu through chat, mail or phone