Giveaway #2 – Kepard 3 Premium VPN Accounts for 365 Days

Kepard, provider of the best VPN service around is offering 3 free premium accounts to the winners of this contest. The service offers you encryption and privacy, providing a way for you to enjoy the Internet without the worries that go along with it these days.

Kepard 3 Premium VPN Accounts for 365 Days



Kepard 3 Premium VPN Accounts for 365 Days

The accounts that Kepard is giving away in this contest are the same ones that their premium subscribers get. You’ll get to take the service for a free ride for 365 days and decide whether you want to sign up and continue getting this protection.


Kepard has five different VPN servers located across the world. They provide you with the ability to get an IP address from another nation or to simply protect your privacy by encrypting the data you send and receive so that no one can go through it and get any private information you may have sent or received while online. This is a premium level service, so the encryption is tight enough that you don’t have to worry about anyone cracking it.


Do You Need This Protection?

VPN services make it impossible to see what you’re doing online. This begs the question: Who cares what I’m doing online? Well, the entertainment industry does—the RIAA and so forth—and they’re working with your ISP right now to monitor your traffic, no warrant required. If you’re not too keen on being treated like a criminal, you can give them the boot with encryption, making their monitoring useless.

This encryption allows you to surf in privacy. Whether you’re shopping, reading email or doing anything else, your traffic is protected from anyone who wants to spy on it. The protection foils hackers, crackers, Wi-Fi jackers and anyone else who wants to be nosy and take a peek at what you’re doing online. All they’ll see is a bunch of 1s and 0s that make no sense to them, but your Internet connection will retain its speed and reliability when you’re on the service.

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This giveaway will end on 22nd June, 2013.

Good luck to everyone who signs up!