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When it comes to the best, most reliable and cost-friendly monitoring apps, there comes one and only names, and that’s none other than TheOneSpy. The app is highly optimized for delivering outstanding functionality without putting the users into any sort of trouble regarding functions and updates. TheOneSpy has received immense popularity and is used by millions of parents, employers, international organizations and other individuals who want to get their hands on monitoring a target person conveniently. With TheOneSpy, you can boost your monitoring and take snooping to the next standards of quality.

TheOneSpy – Voice of Every User


The current stats and facts have revealed that this app is on top regarding functionality, offering a broad range of features, excellent customer support, and technical assistance. TheOneSpy is used in far and wide by millions of users that include parents, employers, companies, and individuals. Why TheOneSpy is the voice and demand of every user who is passionate about monitoring anyone so that safety and protection walls can be built around. In a nutshell, the multiple features, beyond the limit working ability, accurate reporting, affordable packages and comprehensive support regarding customer and technical issues are the few salient attributes of TheOneSpy that make it the voice of every smartphone user.

Features of TheOneSpy App

There are countless features offered by TheOneSpy but here we will discuss only the major ones, and that are used widely. The features are compatible with all Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices.


Mic and Camera Bugging

This is a very new and innovative feature that only TheOneSpy app offers. With the help of Bugging feature, you can records sounds and all the voices in the surrounding of the target phone using its mic while the camera takes back and front photos from the target device. The feature is highly useful for parents who want to make sure their teens are safe places among the right people. The files and updates are uploaded in the dashboard where you can check to review.

Monitor Text Messages and Calls

This is a fundamental feature offered in all monitoring apps, but TheOneSpy does at its best when it comes to snooping into text messages and calls from the target phone. All the incoming and outgoing text messages and calls are monitored. In messages, you can check details, the content of the text, phone numbers, timing and same is the case with calls. All the incoming and outgoing calls are recorded and uploaded into the call logs of the dashboard.

Snooping into Instant Messengers

With TheOneSpy, now you can monitor and snoop into the social media messengers as well. As the app is installed on the device, it starts working and takes data of all social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Line Messenger, Google+ and almost all other instant messengers as well. This feature is very demanding because in this time and age most of the communication is done through instant messengers that offer free messages, calls and sharing another sort of files.

Track GPS Locations

Now TheOneSpy makes it easier than ever to track GPS locations of the target phones. After installation, all the features start operating and with this feature, the user can check the live location of the target person in order to ensure the particular phone user is in safe areas. Parents utilize this feature to the fullest when they have doubted their teens may go other places than schools and colleges. It provides the record of histories of the whole day, and you can check weekly history reports of locations as well.

View Internet History

Stop wondering about how to snoop into the internet history of the target phone and start snooping into it with TheOneSpy app. The Internet has made the word a global village, and this shifted the whole phenomena of communicating, interacting, human behaviors and even the business trends as well. Checking internet histories has become an inevitable part of monitoring. With this feature, the user can view all the websites, apps and links browsed.

Tri-Factors that TheOneSpy Carries Utmost Benefits For

Parents, employers and people in the relationship are the biggest consumers of TheOneSpy app. Spot yourself in the category and keep on reading what TheOneSpy has for you.


The parent teenager relationship is the symbol of love, respect, pride and utmost affection. Every parent is conscious about the whereabouts and activities of their teens; either it’s a son or a daughter. Saving teens from external threats and bringing them up in sophisticated manners ask parents to take some serious decisions and keeping eyes on the offspring is one of them. With TheOneSpy app parents remain updated about the activities, doings, locations, social media doings and other whereabouts of their teens.


If you are owning a business, working in a well-reputed organization that cares about workplace, or you are a boss, you got to keep tabs on your employees and the whole staff. Monitoring the staff in the workplace brings a number of useful results and benefits. Employees’ productivity is increased, the workplace becomes safe from the bullies, company privacy is built, and multiple other associated benefits appear in the form of monitoring employees with TheOneSpy app.


If you are a person in the relationship, married or having a girlfriend or boyfriend, you will be definitely having some doubts about your husband. TheOneSpy has saved many relationships by removing the doubts of partners and letting them put all suspicions to the permanent rest. Spouses who were suspicions that their partner will be dating someone, wives complained their hubbies reach home late, and they all used TheOneSpy and were euphoric and ashamed as well that they were suspecting their partners who were just busy in offices and their business.


Bottom Line

If we have to describe TheOneSpy in few lines, we have all praise for it. The app is unanimously the most demanding, reliable and wonderful monitoring application. It’s compatible with all Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices so you can install it on any smartphone and start enjoying monitoring the next minute. Customer care center, reporting, features, functionality and everything is impressively excellent.

TheOneSpy Review
  • TheOneSpy Review


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