Apps for tech-savvy financial newbies and investors

Finances and budget are no small words. They carry the whole weight of our life. Managing budgets is not a cake walk. It needs lot of thinking and organizing to be done. All thanks to this technological era, which has opened doors to different possibilities, making things easier and less complex. No need to worry more, and if you are a tech savvy it turns to be icing on the cake for you. And if you are worried about ideas on how to make investments, be calm, the master is all there on your smartphone.

Here is a list of apps that will help investors and planners in exploring more into finances.

  1. Robinhood

Just as the name goes, Robinhood is a user-friendly app, created to help people. Through Robinhood a budding investor can buy and sell stocks. Handling this app is simple and easy. One needs to firstly deposit a certain amount of money in Robinhood. Later the same can be used to buy and sell stocks. No per-share or per-trade fees are applicable. It is the best sought of app for brokers who can benefit a lot from this application.

Available on: iOS and Android


  1. Acorns

Acorns just like Mint, integrates its system with the bank account as well as credit cards to keep a check on your budget. Every time when a transaction is carried out, a notification with the details of transactions are forwarded to your mobile system via mail. It helps convert into your transaction into nearest US dollar and transfer the same into a flexible, automated investment portfolio. The investor can choose from the few distributions that are listed and can earn variety of exchange traded funds.

Available on: iOS and Android


  1. Simple

Following the lines of Mint and Acorns, Simple uses the simple technique of linking its system with bank account. It works as online money management app helping manage spending thereby assist in maintaining your financial health. An additional feature provided by this app which can be beneficial for the users is, the individual can manage their cheque deposits directly from the app. No more its necessary to take pain of going all the way to the bank and wait in long queue to deposit your cheque. Simple has made all your work simple and easy.

Available on: iOS and Android


  1. Personal Capital

Are you looking for an all-encompassing app that guides you in case of investments, regarding investment savings, stocks, bank account as well as do the work of budgeting with ease? Personal Capital is all in one application which is available for free both online on iOs and Android. It checks your performance, does the work of comparing it with the actual condition in the market, thus letting one speed up the growth of their finance.

It’s another additional feature, lets one interact with professional in case of how to manage investments, where to invest and when.

Available on: iOS and Android


  1. Valuation App

Are you thinking of investing in any company which can either be your friend’s company or a startup? But it can be quiet bewildering to zero in on to a decision. The challenge lies in knowing about the company and having a complete data. Investing in a company with minimal data can prove risky. Just based on peer pressure no decision can be taken.

Valuation app aids in understanding these calculations before concluding on which capitalists and business to trust on. Finance lingo that can otherwise be very tricky for a commoner to understand is laid down into simple English terms for quick and easy understanding, benefiting young investors and new beginners in financial field.

Available on: iOS and Android