SAPIENT Inaugurated its Single Largest Premise in the World in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, August 2016: Expanding its horizons, SAPIENT has registered a 40% increase in space after the inauguration ceremony of its new office at Bengaluru. SAPIENT is a global services company that assists the clients to transform their business, technology, and marketing sectors. It has inaugurated its new premise having an area of 400000 sq. ft. and will add around 3500 new workstations to it. It has now become its world’s largest single premise. Sapient India capacity will go close to the 10,000 mark after this inauguration.

Sapient India- Small Steps, Big Difference Walk Option 2

SAPIENT India’s managing Director, Rajdeep Endow said that the company comprises of 84% millennials. The new office space has been designed to appeal to this group and the flexible work styles of today. He further added that he is confident enough that this will help the employees develop new ideas for the clients of the company.

Kameshwari Rao, Vice President, People Strategy, Sapient India (on right) with Rajdeep Endow, Managing Director, Sapient India (center) during lamp lighting ceremony

SAPIENT – A Brief Know-How

SAPIENT is the global services organization which is helping the clients to transform in the sector of marketing, technology, and business. SAPIENT flawlessly operates in three different divisions and helps the clients to gain advantage over the competitor and succeed in this digitized world. The SAPIENT Nitro, SAPIENT Global Markets, and SAPIENT Government Services collaboratively help its clients to fuse creativity, insight, and technology to drive the latest innovation and also help the clients to navigate through complex business solutions. The company has its operations in Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Key Features of the New Sapient Office

Here are some of the new features of SAPIENT office that is located in the Virgo tower ‘B’. Bagmane Business Constellation Business Park, Bengaluru:

Modern Design

The open team areas help in providing a sense of togetherness among the employees. The whiteboards in the office dominates the space and are frequently used in making work plans, and during the meetings.

Office 7

Each and every work plan is designed keeping the specific theme in mind starting from Europe, Australia, Asia-Pacific, to India and other countries. The huddle spaces in the office add up as the informal spaces where the employees are allowed to interact freely. These helps in giving birth to the new ideas and turn them into reality. The lounge seats are well dispersed between the workstations providing a nice flexibility to the employees.

Reliable Working model for Sustainability

The use of several new-age features like day light sensors, wave-shaped diffuser, occupancy sensors, green elements, and smart air-conditioning are well organized in the office areas for minimizing the energy consumption. The new office has just everything for the employees to work in a soothing environment.

Office 8

SAPIENT India Initiative for Unfortunates

For celebrating this awesome move, SAPIENT India had arranged a walk namely – ‘SMALL STEPS, BIG DIFFERENCE’ with an aim to make the difference to the lives of the unfortunate and differently-abled children on 24 August, 2016.

SAPIENT would be contributing an equivalent amount to the total step count for the walk done by its employees. The three NGOs will get the amount equal to the walk steps done. These NGOs provide high quality education to the children of villages and slums.